How to configure automatic GDPR compliance


Rune HR handles GDPR compliance automatically.

How it works

When a set amount of days have passed, depending on your interaction with a talent, they’ll be pruned from your organization.

The default pruning thresholds are:

  • 30 days for talents that haven’t replied
  • 90 days for talents that have replied but didn’t have an interview or screening
  • 180 days for talents that have had an interview or screening

Talents with an email on file that have replied or interviewed, will receive an email about their data being removed.

In the email, they’ll also receive a link to consent their data being kept, should they want to.

Changing the thresholds

  1. If you wish to change the GDPR thresholds, go to Settings > Organizations. You can find Settings on the top bar, or at the bottom of the menu if you're on mobile.

  2. Click on the organization you want to change.
  3. Click on the Edit button and change the thresholds to your desired days.
  4. Click on Save.

Disabling automatic GDPR

If you don’t need GDPR compliance, you can disable it. Go to your organization settings (see above) and then set GDPR compliance to “no”.

Disabling GDPR emails

If you don’t want to send GDPR emails, you can disable them. Set GDPR emails to “no”.

In this case, talents will still to be pruned, they’ll just be unable to consent to longer data retention.