7 independent tech job boards (2024)


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Today I want to talk about 7 independent tech job boards that aren’t well known, but should be because they are in it for more than just the money.

Swissdevjobs and related

A screenshot of Swissdevjobs home page

Swissdevjobs is small job platform that focuses on Switzerland.

Founded by Janusz Tomasik and Jacob Muniak in 2018, It’s actually part of a group of national job boards. They cover Germany, Romania, Netherlands, UK and US as well and have about 4,000 jobs in total.

I found out about them because of their marketing strategy on Linkedin. Janusz used to be a software engineer, and so they often post memes on the harsh reality of working in tech.

What I really liked about them is they only allow job ads that list the salary.

Jobs can be filtered by location, job type, company type, experience and language, including a few exotic languages and frameworks.


A screenshot of juniordeveloper.careers

Juniordeveloper.careers is a job board created by Ishaq Amin to help junior candidates find jobs, amid the shortage of such roles in the UK.

It’s great someone is helping young people get their first tech job and spread awareness that if you don’t hire juniors, you will have an hard time finding seniors.

It’s a pretty new and has only a few UK roles, though junior roles have become incredibly rare in the last couple of years.

Ishaq is also active on Linkedin and posts tips on how to get into tech.


A screenshot of Remoteok home page

Remoteok is a community-driven job board that has only remote jobs.

Made by Pieter Levels, founder of Nomad List, it was made to help digital nomads find remote jobs. It was one of the first remote-only job boards.

Apparently it has some 45,000 jobs, and you have to signup to read the description and apply.

The jobs can be filtered by location, salary, benefits and category. The categories are limited to function and mainstream programming language, so no searching for Elixir or Nim.


A screenshot of Levels.fyi home page

Levels.fyi provides job comparison, resume review and other job seeker services.

They have 70,000 tech jobs spread across the world. From what I’ve seen it’s mostly engineering jobs, including contract and remote roles. The jobs are public, as is the application link.

They also publish salary data by location, company and role and have a community forum with recent job market updates.


A screenshot of trueup homepage

Trueup Trueup is one of my favourites sites related to the job market.

It’s actually an aggregator with 215,000 tech jobs, more than any other in this list. Rather than just listing the job description, they also provide information on the ATS the company uses and whether the company had layoffs.

They don’t list contract roles, or at least there’s no filter for it. You have to register to see all jobs or to apply.

Like Levels, they too publish job market data. I’ve used their weekly openings report and layoffs report in other articles.

I’ve found their data to be accurate by comparing it with other sources, so it has become my go-to site for job market insights.


A screenshot of F6s jobs page

F6s is a startup community. They have a hidden, but public, job board with some 10,000 jobs.

The jobs are worldwide and include roles from internship to co-founder in tech, marketing and sales.

The jobs are nothing exceptional, but there are few notable ones, especially for those who are looking for co-founder jobs and other early startup roles.


A screenshot of Remoteleaf homepage

Remoteleaf is not a job board, rather a remote job subscription service.

Basically they send a weekly email with a list of jobs matching each user’s preferences.

The preferences include geographical region, programming languages such as Ruby, Python and PHP. There are categories as well, like full-stack, front-end and devops.

I have used it in the past when I was looking for Python roles. They always had a 2-3 interesting jobs that I missed and I was thorough in my search.

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